Val Sivilli


Recent Work


Grrrrrr 14 x 18 Oil on Canvas 2017

Within the body of the Circus itself  exists a microcosm of the entire universe. The definition of “Human” can be found by dissecting pieces of the Circus. From the earliest role the Jester played within the court to our modern day Cirque de Soleil, therein resides every conceivable metaphor defining our humanity.   It was during the 2016 American Presidential Debates that I began the work:  “An American Side Show Spectacular”. This work led to further investigations in the Circus. These series of paintings are very much a work in progress. Click HERE or on the painting above to view more of the Circus Paintings.

The Circus – Paintings from 2016-7

American SideShow Spectacular : Tritychs

An American SideShow Spectacular

Recent Paintings: 2015-6

The Myth of the The Mighty King : 6 Paintings

The Wild Boar Paintings : Selections

Direct Printing; BODY PRINTS