“Re-Inventing the Arts in Hunterdon County.”

T.H.A.T. , The Hunterdon Art Tour completed its first year triumphantly! It seems that most of the visitors to our studios this year were other artists. At first this worried me, but I quickly realized how great that actually is.  As we create a stronger community, as we become cohesive, when we are able to easily workContinue reading ““Re-Inventing the Arts in Hunterdon County.””

TRUMPcare – or not earning 100K by the time you are 50.

There’s a day you wake up and find yourself in your mid fifties. It’s a day of reckoning – a day stained with regret – a day that is repeated over and over. Each time it revisits, an army of defenses are called upon to justify, rationalize, beat the fuck up, sob wildly about andContinue reading “TRUMPcare – or not earning 100K by the time you are 50.”

VISITING ARTIST Val Sivilli shares insights at Del Val High School

Written by Rick Epstein Holland Township painter Val Sivilli and her inner beast were featured at this month’s installment of the Second Breakfast Visiting Artist Series on Friday. The series is held monthly in Sarah Ruppert’s art room during lunchtime, and students and staff are invited to attend. Lunch is BYO, but so far coffee and doughnutContinue reading “VISITING ARTIST Val Sivilli shares insights at Del Val High School”

Bison, Bison, Bison or WART BABY

Something I wrote with levity this past summer. After treated a mysterious and painful rash on my hands with super duper cortisone infused hand cream and an intense and long prednisone session, the dermatologist froze off this very old wart that has lived on the palm of my hand since jeez I don’t know knowContinue reading “Bison, Bison, Bison or WART BABY”