Val Sivilli


5 At the Mill

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Come celebrate with us on Saturday Night, May 5th, 6-9PM.


Art Colony Prallsville Mills

24 Risler St, Stockton, New Jersey 08559

Directly across route 29 at The John Prall Jr. House – parking available at the Mill.

To help celebrate THAT, “The Hunterdon Art Tour” we are having a little party! Enjoy the work of Susan Mania, Cindy Besselaar, Val Sivilli, Consie Bassett and David Cann in the historic John Prall Jr, House directly across Route 29 from the Prallsville Mill.

Bruce Fredericks of JB Rocks will be performing live music for us and Laura Swanson of River Union Stage is rumored to show up incognito with a special thespian treat for all of us.

And of course ,come celebrate Cinco de Mayo!
A variety of refreshments will be served.

You can park over at the Mill just walk across route 29 – you will see all of those THAT signs! You might want to visit the Watercolor Society’s exhibition at the SawMill while you are there.

Author: valsivilli

I Paint - I do other things, too, but mostly I paint and I tell stories and then sometimes I write music. But really, mostly I paint.

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