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A Dirge for Academia and/or The First Attempt at the Integration of Intellect and Beast.

An Illustrated Story. A bit of fact and a whole lot of fiction. The Wild Boar (bore) CHAPTER TWO

A Dirge for Academia - COVER , 11x15", Ink, Graphite, Oil Stick on Paper

A Dirge for Academia – COVER , 11×15″, Ink, Graphite, Oil Stick on Paper

Woopie!  The second chapter Book is Complete. Take a Look!

The Dreaded Artist Statement

The inside and the outside of the body, the inside and the outside of the mind –  a family, a neighborhood, a political system, and system of ideas – DNA. all of this and more. My work mines the connections, the frustrations, the definitions. Life redefines itself yet we always come back to who we are. Who are we? And we keep asking ourselves that big annoying question “WHY?” as we keep forging on because life itself makes its own demands and we answer to those demands.   There is an outer self, an inner self and damn it if we don’t really seem to know any of them very well. Then, on top of everything else, is the universe, the world, it’s questions, its dilemmas. Unpacking all of this can often be the unravelling of one’s self.

I am a re – emerging artist, I am coming back out. Unpacking who I am right now into the world at large. I am a mature artist who has gone through the real life shit like divorce, bankruptcy, running a business to be able to pay the mortgage and send my kids to college while all the while trying to continue the inner and outer life of an artist. None of the gritty, dirty nasty stuff has disappeared, none of it has become softened with the years.  Living has only reinforced my edge. It’s given me a huge wealth of experience and knowledge with which to create these new and powerful images. The inner animal is forcing its way back out into the world with a fervor, and intensity.  At 55, I am taking charge and creating new work that reflects the power of a life lived without compromise, without apology.

The “Inner Animal” is a narrative that will continue telling stories through a series of illustrated chapter books. There is a conversation between the narrative books and the paintings. They will continue to evolve together as a body of ongoing work.

Praying to Saint Agnes

Yes, yes, I did that.  Because, well, shit, i was able to get some success with only tiny little paintings  – smaller studies –  to get all ready for the bigger paintings, well, I’ll tell ya, they got over controlled and just looked kinda dead and I got so frustrated………

Agnes Martin in her Gallery, when she was alive.. (no, I didn't see her apparition!) in Taos NM.

Agnes Martin in her Gallery, when she was alive.. (no, I didn’t see her apparition!) in Taos NM.

So I went to the Harwood Museum. For 2 reasons, really. One to get some mileage out of my membership, and 2 to look at some Blumensheins. I kinda like Blumenshein. I like the way he handled paint and I think he was not over-influenced by the “Mountain”, The TAOS Mountain is a bit overplayed in this part of the universe.  So I find Blumenshein a bit refreshing.  ANYWAY, so I went into the Harwood, and visited the Agnes Martin Room – which is why I think I am in Taos, really – in the cosmic sense of “why”.  I think she is hovering over me and “tsk, tsking” all this blogging and facebooking stuff. But I’m also thinking she might’ve been a little bit socially awkward. Maybe, maybe not. I’m sure there are some folks around here who have actually had a conversation or two with her. I mean when she was ALIVE. As Banjo Billy said to me last night at the Eske Pub – “Its ok if you talk to the spirits, its when they start talking back that you gotta start worrying.” I’m also hoping that I can get to actually see her movie – “…with my back to the world” sometime while I am here!  So I went into the Agnes Martin room, and sat on those stupid Donald Judd chairs…. (sorry, I’m sure someone thinks they are genius) and looked up into the skylight. and looked at all the paintings really, really closely. I tried to shut out the fact that a yoga class is in there on Wednesday mornings. I just looked at the pictures… at the paintings. and then, I found myself doing what all errant Catholics find themselves doing at desparate times. I started to pray to Agnes. Asking for her advice. Asking her to shine a bit of her light upon me this week as I venture through a difficult passage in my work. I felt peaceful. Although its almost impossible NOT to feel peaceful in that little hexagon of a room – with the glowing skylight coming down from above. I prayed like Agnes was my patron saint. Like her paintings were relics with the spirit of her just wanting to be gleaned and heal the artist in pain. Saint Agnes.

And then I left. And bought some postcards. And found out that the Harwood shows the Agnes Martin movie on her birthday every year. That would be March 22nd. And that’s next week. I didn’t see anything scheduled.

Reflections of Taos through the Windows of the Wurlitzer Foundation

There are a lot of windows in the buildings at the Wurlitzer Foundation. And we have a lot of neighbors. We have a big big Mountain.